Blogging Out Loud

This blog will consist of my thoughts about anything that pops into my mind.


Happiness is something many search for in their lives. Sometimes this could be difficult for someone to achieve. Personally, this took me years to reach. Happiness, though, can be found in places that you may least expect it to.

Throughout my preteen and early teen years, I had a hard time finding something that made me genuinely happy every day. I went through a somewhat dark time in my life, but I was lucky enough to have found the most supportive friends, during what I think was my lowest point. These are the people who I am able to call or text whenever I feel as though I need a truthful answer to my problems. People who make me feel that being me is all I need to be. After removing all the people who brought bad energy in my life, and having a different outlook at life, I have never felt more happy in my life.

Being happy about your life does not necessarily mean that you are happy 24/7. It is okay to have a bad day. It is okay to feel like you need to be alone for a couple hours. The only thing is that you need to make sure of is that you have that support system that is able to take you out of that dark place, when you need it.

The last of my advice would be to not only should you try to bring happiness to yourself, but you should also help people reach that same point in their lives. Do not hold grudges on the ones that have hurt you. Do not wish bad upon them. Be grateful for the lessons that you have learned from others. Be who you want to be, and not think of what others may think about. Only worry about what your closest family/friends think of you, rather than the people who have no insight of your life. Love yourself, and soon enough, happiness will not be too far from your life.


In Fandoms there comes a point where the fans will ship (see two people who could potentially be a good couple) their idol with someone. It’s not rare or unusual, but sometimes these ships get a little out of control.

When a celebrity is in a relationship, people will either ship it or not. The problem with this concept is the fact that these people feel like they can approve or disapprove a relationship that they most likely did not see be developed behind cameras. They have no clue what emotions or common interest these people share. It all seems a bit ridiculous how these people also feel a need to threaten a persons life or well-being, based on the fact that they do not “ship” them with their partner. By doing this, they could potentially break a good relationship, because the other will feel the pressures. In results, the Fandom has hurt their idol, because of their selfish reasons.

What I’m trying to convey in this post is that fans should not try to get involved in their idol’s, a stranger’s relationship. You should be happy for the person. You should be happy that they have found someone who is making them smile every day. It’s hard for someone to find a genuine person in the industry, and when it happens, it should be celebrated, not torn down. 

Mobbing Fanbase

A fanbase is an essential part to anyone’s career. They’re the ones who promote and stick by an artist, and keep them relevant. The bigger the fanbase, the bigger the events the artist will have. The only real consequence to having a big fanbase is the amount of people who want to meet the artist that they are following; therefore, causing a mob.

In an a fanbase, there are fans who dedicate themselves to following and knowing every move that their idol is making. They know where this person is going to be, before they do. It all seems really creepy, but these people also care deeply about this person, so they don’t mean any harm at all. The bad part of these peoples actions is the lack of privacy that they are giving their idol. It also causes a danger to fellow fans.

When a specific artist shows up to an airport, for example, they can potentially be mobbed to a dangerous extent. People can be present at this airport, because it is a public facility. Too many people can build up outside these places, and cause a riot like crowd. Security try their best to keep these fans and artist safe, but the massive amount of people can be totally out of their control. All these people really want is to catch a glimpse of their idol, but forget about the harm that they are potentially causing to the people around them.

In all honesty, I think that fans need to keep in mind that the idols that they want to meets  are also people who have gone through many hours of an exhausting flight. The don’t to be bothered, but they also don’t want to hurt their fans feelings. If you know that your idol is going to be in a certain area, ignore it. It is very unnecessary for you to put yourself and others in danger. It also is an action of respecting a person’s privacy.

In conclusion to this blog, just please consider the feelings of others and the safety of others. The person you are idolizing is also a human being that deserves their privacy.



Mental Illness / Disorders

There have been many talks about depression and eating disorders around social media and pop culture. This, I believe, is a great way of bringing awareness to something that seems so taboo.

With my own experiences, a disorder can be seen as something that you can simply overcome the next day, which is not the case. These illnesses take a great amount of time to survive through. You never really ‘overcome’ a disorder, you simply just learn how to manage it on a day to day basis.

If you know anyone who is dealing with an illness/disorder, don’t make them feel as though they are different from anyone else. Everyone has their own own battles to fight every day. Yours is just a little different than others.